Download Android Emulators For PC on Windows 10/8.1/7 Online Free

Have you ever wondered that what would it be if you could play all your Android games and run all your Android application on your PC? Just to let you know, you can’t just start using an Android application directly on your PC. It requires something extra to successfully run all the applications of Android phone on your PC. And this extra something is called Android emulator. Check steps to download Android Emulators For PC below.

Android emulator is extremely important, and it is mostly required to run an application or a game on your PC. Keep in mind that you have to choose the right emulator to perform your task more efficiently. Otherwise, your computer might run slow. So to do that you don’t have to face this kind of mishaps, I have the best Android emulator for you. Check out the whole content and go for a brilliant one.

Top 6 Free Android Emulators for PC – Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Android Emulators for PC

Before I conclude the definition of Android emulator, let me tell you about what emulator is. In short, an emulator is either a hardware or software that allows a device to behave like another device. Confused? Well, an emulator is something that is designed to help to run the software’s of a particular device in another device.

Now, speaking of Android emulator, I’m sure things are clear about what an Android emulator can do and what Android emulator is about. It helps you prototype, test, and develop the use of an app with your mobile phone.

List of Best Android Emulators for PC that are Available Now:

There are many reasons and a bit of curiosity of wanting to play Android apps on your PC. Many gamers want to try mouse and keyboard when it comes to playing games. Just check out the emulators that I’ve mentioned below.


If you are looking for fun and full functionality of Android to your computer, then AMIDuOS is the right choice. It is an uprising brand new concept that has brought the depth and smooth functionality to another level. It almost runs on any windows like 7, 8 or 10. It doesn’t require the dual boot to switch between Windows and Android environments.


  • Full Android experience as it is absolutely 100% natural running and there is nothing lesser than Android experience on your computer.
  • Application compatibility is one of the key features that separate it from other emulators. It can run almost every Android application available in the market for Android.
  • Speaking of its performance, it supports 3D acceleration and in turn, it helps to run the intense games that have superior graphics.
  • In its desktop features, it offers full support of keyboard. You can change screen orientation setting when required.


The emulator that is best known for the smooth running of all the Android games and apps on your Windows system is KOPLAYER. It is more stable and compatible. It is built on 86x design to allow it to support enhanced features like hardware acceleration and OpenGL.


  • Supports multiple online accounts at once.
  • The fresh display on the computer screen which is usually bigger than regular Android screens.
  • Easy streamlined controls and keyboard mapping.
  • The capability of recording video records and sharing of your gameplay.
  • It has a simple interface plus it is an essential marketplace.


Regarding full fledge running; Andy is a mobile operating system that is fully featured to run on any Windows operating system or any Mac. The only bridge that connects between mobile and computing is Andy. It is free, and it has pretty much fixed all the early issues. It works great.


  • It has a clean interface.
  • It has easy and user-friendly navigation.
  • Installs and works fine with Windows 10 OS.
  • The flawless connection between mobile and Computer.
  • It can sync users with Google Play account through a cloud with the unlimited storage capacity.

Nox App Player:

It is one of the Android Emulators for PC. Through the installing process is not up to the expectation, this Emulator is pretty straightforward that assists you to log into your play account and to download the games that you already have owned. If you are into joysticks and gamepad, you quickly change the player’s setting to initiate using this hardware.


  • Easy interface, resulting in more users friendly.
  • Spontaneous keyboard mapping and game controllers.
  • It is very stable and a reliable emulator.
  • Runs on almost all kinds of computers.
  • Immensely compatible with maximum Apps with an inbuilt video recorder.


Droid4x the best android emulator that has the cool aspects of pleasant experience, good performances, and smooth control, and is very compatible. Many users buy their cell phones with their particularized configurations and settings. After downloading droid4x, you’ll find that it is more convenient than your handset.


  • Performance wise, it has achieved a breakthrough Android Kernel and graphics rendering.
  • It is perfectly compatible, and around 99% of games are available.
  • A better RPM application that runs with x86 framework.
  • The one and only first multi-touch emulator that have absolute gaming control which is better than any other.


leapDroid allows you to use your favorite apps without the tension of battery drainage, chunky touch typing. This is what this emulator offers. The purpose of LeapDroid is solely concentrated at the mobile gaming. In fact, it is a perfect tool to experience Android gaming on your PC.


  • You can create multiple profiles simultaneously. It is very helpful to play games when you are trying to play the same game from different accounts.
  • It has a simple installation and easy setup.
  • Highly stable and runs very smoothly.
  • It has the best and most handy features for all the game freaks.
  • It covers and supports most of the apps available around.

To Download all These Android Emulators for PC, Click on the Link Given Below:

Sometimes you find that your mobile screen isn’t enough. Out of curiosity and the urge of wanting a bigger screen with better graphics has to lead you to the Android emulator. Thanks to all the creators of emulators that this so-called screen problem has been solved. Thanks to the modern emulators that have helped to create a bridge between Android and PC with the excellent experience of Android gaming in PC.

Download Android Emulators For PC on Windows 10/8.1/7 Online Free
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