Clash of Kings Apk V2.46.0 Download on Android Device

If you are always in search of some kind of adventure, fun, and action online, there can be not better choice than the Clash of Kings! An award winning a game, this one will make you rake your brains and use all your strategic skills to face the most epic clashes, dragon fights that are miraculous and monumental throne battles to take control of an entire kingdom and become a king of it. If you are passionate about action games where you have to fight for your survival, you will love the feel that Clash of Kings Apk will give you.

To multiply your fun and adventure, It is an MMO game that lets you test your skills against millions of similar players that are spread across the globe. For those of you who are new to the term, MMO or MMOG stands for the massively multiplayer online game. These are online games that can be played by several hundreds or thousands of players at the same time or simultaneously. This gives a bright chance and a fun way to the players to compete against each other on a large scale, a worldwide platform. These also give an opportunity to the players to have a meaningful interaction with each other even though they are poles apart.

Features of Clash of Kings Apk:

Clash of Kings Apk

  1. Enjoy Clash of Kings by playing it PvP (player vs. player) online. You can compete against millions of player who are spread across the world and double your fun and excitement.
  2. As a player, you get to train complete armies so they can further be used in epic battles. Attack your enemies so you can conquer their castles and even the resources. Once you are successful in your attack, you can occupy the throne and become the king and rule your kingdom.
  3. With Clash of Kings APK, you enter an exciting online world since the game has a complete MMO universe of its own. The game has a PvP concept where the players battle for a fantasy kingdom.
  4. The players can also communicate with their friends, one on one with Kingdom chats, messages or alliance chats.
  5. players of Clash of Kings can also experience real-time resource management.
  6. The players can also enjoy real-time strategy and leveling. They can fight and level up their lord or even forge the weapons and armors for the Lord.
  7. The players also stand a chance to increase their stats with the help of college and research technologies.
  8. The main attraction of the game is battling for the throne. The players attack the enemies in order to occupy the throne and become the king.
  9. Once you become the king and rule your kingdom, you can work with your allies to easily destroy the enemies.
  10. As a ruling king, you can give buffs and some special titles to the players of your kingdom.
  11. You can then battle against the players of the other kingdoms to keep the pride of your own kingdom.
  12. The players also stand a chance to win a lot of game rewards from the matches.


Instructions for Activating New Hack Mod Features:

Step 1

Before starting the activation, ensure that you have installed Clash of Kings APK. Go to the home screen and open ‘Xmod games’.

Step 2

In the Game or Mod tab, click on the Clash of Kings.

Step 3

Install the Mod and then start the game by clicking on ‘Launch’.

Step 4

If you see ‘Xbot’ on the right side of the screen, It means that the mod has been successfully loaded.

Step 5

If you click on the button and then ‘Xmod’, you get 5 different features in the mod, they are:

  • Auto Collect Resource: This feature helps to automatically collect all the resources of the castle as soon as you enter the game.
  • Skip-Free Building: With this one, you can fast forward the game in the last five minutes of the building. This will only happen when the ‘Free’ icon of the instant building appears.
  • Keep Active: With this feature, you will not be required to reconnect the game again and again.
  • Auto Harbor Gifts: This will collect all the harbor gifts when they are ready, provided you are online.
  • Auto Alliance Help: As the name suggests, this one helps all the guildmates of the player when it is on.


So download and play this action packed game and have a whole lot of fun when you rule your own kingdom. Where else can you have the thrill of a battle, the fun of defeating your enemies, making unions create alliances, fighting to become the king and then the pride of ruling your very own kingdom.

Clash of Kings Apk V2.46.0 Download on Android Device
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