Ingress Apk for Android Device to find the Pokemon Easily!!

Ingress APK Android application is developed by the same developer of Pokemon Go that is Niantic Nic. As the some of the locations marked in the Ingress application Pokemon GO game uses those locations. Ingress Android application allows you to form those locations as a team and also used for saving the world from mysterious energy. Actually, this game was released before Pokemon Go and has become popular but not as much as Pokemon Go. When the new Pokemon game is released along with Pokemon, Ingress also becomes popular.

Using the map in the Ingress Apk gamers can find the location of rare Pokemon quickly and easily with some indications such as rustling leaves. Initially, the portals in the Ingress application have been converted Poke stops and gyms in Pokemon Go game and later XM generation converted into Pokemon Spawn Points.

Ingress Apk – You Need to Know Everything:

Ingress Apk

The main aim of the game is to discover the energy substance for that you need to build a team of scientists to find the source also to have the control over the source. In the new version of Ingress application, the feature added is permission for raw GPS access. From community tab of this application, you can access Ingress Investigation. While you are playing the game you can form a group of your friends to find out the mysterious energy source.

If you don’t control the energy then it will control you which leads to a danger to the world. This is really an interesting game and it will allow you to use the tactics for finding the source of energy. This application compatible with the Android version of 4.1 and above, Even kids can play the game as it has the good user interface. Below you can see the list of the features provided by the Ingress android gaming application.

Features of Ingress Apk:

  1. You can discover the world using the Ingress application by installing on your Android device.
  2. You can form the team of your friends and move around the world to find the source of energy.
  3. It can track the progress of world players.
  4. You can also play in the groups.
  5. You can unlock the powerful secrets and new levels daily.
  6. Intelligence map in the Ingress app allows you to communicate with others.
  7. You can transform your world with this application.

How to find Rare Pokemon Using Ingress APK?

Discovering the Pokemon in Pokemon Go game is the biggest and toughest challenge for the people playing the game. So, using Ingress application you can find the Pokemon easily whereas Ingress application must be installed along with the Pokemon Go android gaming application.While you open the Ingress application you can find some white dots called XM energy which denote the areas where the cellular usage is frequent and also you need to get the XM energy to perform all the actions in the game.Where the quantity of XM energy more, there you can find the Pokemon and this will help the people living in the small cities or towns. You need to follow the dense XM clusters to discover the tons of Pokemon and if you keep the Ingress app open while you are moving near to Pokemon then the XM energy will disappear before it regenerates.


This was all about Ingress android gaming application which allows you to discover the plenty of Pokemon nearby you. The Intelligent map in the Ingress application helps you in finding Pokemon and you can form a team of your friends to discover the source of mysterious energy.In this tutorial, we have discussed regarding features of Ingress application along with its usage while playing the Pokemon Go game.We hope this information is quite enough for installing the Ingress app and to catch the Pokemon.If you are worried about the usage of Ingress then let us know with your comments below so that we will reach you as soon as possible.

Ingress Apk for Android Device to find the Pokemon Easily!!
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