Lucky Patcher Apk Download Latest Version on Android Device Free

Permissions to access various levels in a game or while downloading any app is very common for every android phone user. Likewise unwanted advertisements, license verification are other such irritating levels which you need to cross whenever you opt to download any application or cross a level in your favorite game. You really lose the patience to act on the app or the game. Most of us either perform wrong actions with them or ignore outrightly. No more you need to get puzzled in such situations. Understanding the case with most users ChelpuS has developed an application named Lucky Patcher Apk which allows you to cut off these unnecessary levels from the particular app and have direct access to whatever you wish to do with the app.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk? – How to Download on Android?

Lucky Patcher Apk

Though previously used to remove unwanted ads in the apps, surpass unnecessary permission levels, modifying different apps, applying patches to various applications on your phone to get a premium license for use, Lucky Patcher in the recent times has evolved more as a hacking application for the youth. Though this app has no legal obligation as a hacking app, it works just outstanding in modifying different applications and enjoying them without fulfilling any legal demands as such. This awesome app also helps you backup your data and applications safely for future use without any kind of distraction. This brainy app first analyzes all the installed apps on your phone and brings up a whole list of tasks that you can do with those apps. Isn’t that fantabulous?

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk:

To your astonishment, a huge number of legal and illegal proceedings can be made possible with the installation of this APK on your smartphone. Let’s have a quick look at the plethora of features that are stacked up in this application.


  1. Most of the time when we start playing games online or wish to download an app we get disturbed and distracted by unnecessary ads in them. Here is a solution to this problem. The Lucky Patcher app very coolly removes all these ads from the games and application giving you a seamless Android experience altogether.
  2. Various levels which might have been difficult otherwise are now easy to crack with custom patch features of Lucky Patcher. Various applications like Titanium backup, power amp music player, paid levels of candy crush are now easily unlocked with the help of Lucky Patcher installed on your phone.
  3. License verification levels are must when you opt to download any app from sites other than Google Play Store. When you can’t provide this license you would be stopped right there from downloading the app. Lucky Patcher is such a key that unlocks these verification license requirement and helps you get to download and install the app without any problem.
  4. You will be also able to install the modded play store application on your android phone with the aid of the lucky patcher app. For this, you need to relate the patch to Android feature that is accessible inside the app itself.
  5. Even under several special conditions, you can run the application with ease.
  6. It takes over full control of the installed app on your phone.
  7. It can simultaneously uninstall unused apps, backup data as well delete data for new apps to install and much more.
  8. Moreover, it has the capacity to save the modified application in APK file format so that it can be smoothly used in other devices.
  9. Lucky Patcher also has the capacity to check if a particular app is modified from its original form.

Easy Download Steps for Lucky Patcher Explained:

This application can only be downloaded and installed when you are using a rooted device. Though you have good experience in how to download an application in your android phone, still this step by step guide could make you more confident as you download Lucky Patcher on your phone today.


  • The first step starts with the downloading of the Lucky Patcher APK on your phone.

Lucky Patcher V6.4.9

  • Once you have finished the download procedure, your next step would be to tap on the setting option>Security/general>enable Unknown Sources>installation option to start the installation process.
  • In this process, Installation would allow you to run the application on your phone.
  • A pop-up window opens up as you double tap on the file open button.
  • Next, you would be directed to tap for installation of the app.
  • As you check the box for agreements to terms and conditions for the app you are now finished with all the procedure to install the app. Now in just no time,  App will be installed on your phone and you would be all set to explore the world of Patching with the Lucky Patcher.

At the End:

Lucky Patcher is a very versatile and valuable application just to dodge your buddies or have some amusement. It’s the only application that can also be installed on non-rooted devices. Lucky patcher is completely safe to use and does not bring any harm to your phone.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download Latest Version on Android Device Free
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