Nova Launcher Apk to Customize Aspects of Home Screen Icons

Management in all sense makes things look more beautiful and of course organized. Digital equipment has become a prominent part of our lives, and to maintain them in the most efficient way, we need to organize the different aspects while managing them. Life’s become easier with the use of utility apps that are designed keeping in mind the daily requirements of people belonging to different age groups. As discussed, for the management of different aspects of a smartphone, there’s Nova Launcher to serve the purpose. To download it now, you can access the nova launcher Apk link and go ahead with the benefits that follow.

Power to You with Nova Launcher App!

Nova Launcher Apk Download

Nova launcher is finding place on every single smartphone device, reason for which is laid down in the pointers mentioned below, read to find how it brings the difference;

Allows Efficient Customization:

Effective customization of different icons on the screen while managing the tabs, is made possible with the use of Nova Launcher. The icons and different folders on the home screen could be arranged to make it look more organized and user-friendly.

Outstanding Graphics:

Another feature that makes Nova launcher one of the most in-demand App is its outstanding graphics quality. Just even a simple touch on the different icons gives a 3-dimensional feel to make it look more real.

Import Layout:

Building the desktop is again a challenge, especially if you endeavor to start it from scratch. But there’s no need to proceed in this manner, as once you are satisfied with your phone’s layout, you can import the same on the desktop and carry on with your work.

Quick and Convenient:

Nova launcher is designed to provide quick response to each command you make. With the use of Nova launcher, you can make your phone work as fast as you move your fingers.


It comes with quick and convenient backup system which allows the users to backup the desktop launcher and layout settings.

Create Shortcuts for Anything:

Using nova launcher you can create shortcuts for any application of folder you use. With the shortcuts, you can conveniently reach the required destination on your phone or desktop. Now, this is yet another way through which convenience is introduced in use of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop.

Go Easy on Your Eyes with Night Mode on:

Nova comes with an option that allows making the phone apt for being used during night time. The habit to use the phone at night isn’t too favorable for our delicate eyes, and before humans could switch their habit, the smart applications have made all the efforts to make it less harmful to the users. With an option to switch on the “night mode” automatically, the Nova application lets your eyes be at peace while facing the phone screen.

Unread Badges are Marked:

Extra satisfaction is allowed with the option to mark the unread badge so that the user gets filtered results. In this way, you need not open all applications individually to visit the new messages or emails, as all the unread messaged and emails are already shown in the notification panel. To unlock this feature, you need to go to the settings menu and click on to the “unread count badges” setting to enable the feature and enjoy its benefits.

Nova Launcher Vs Nova Launcher Prime!

Nova Launcher comes in two different versions, the first one is called Nova Launcher (that’s free for use), and the other version is nova launcher prime (which could also be called as the paid version of the app).

The features offered by the Nova launcher are already discussed above, and the difference offered by the prime version is advanced features that allow customization in different sections. The paid version is definitely wider in terms of the services offered, and thus, the paid version has more to offer to its customers.

How to Download Nova Launcher Apk?

To download nova launcher Apk on your phone there are two methods that could be used for the said purpose.

One is where you can conveniently download it on Google play store, where with a few easy steps the downloading could be done, where an installation is yet another step away from use.

Another way is, to download the app using nova launcher Apk link. Below mentioned are the steps you shall follow;

  • The first step involves searching the Apk link; this could be found on multiple platforms online.
  • After this, you shall enable installation of an application from unknown sources on your phone. Go to the settings, and click on install from unknown sources.
  • After this, click on the link where the process of installation shall start.
  • This will make the app available for use on your device.

Nova launcher is now good to go on your device. Enjoy managing your phone and desktop in the most efficient way possible.

Nova Launcher Apk to Customize Aspects of Home Screen Icons
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