Recuva Software for Windows 10 to Recover the Shift + Delete Files!!

The deadline for the assignment is the next morning and you have been frantically trying to complete the task at hand when all of a sudden you press the delete button in an attempt to press backspace while checking on an error? The panic in such a situation is unbelievable as the stress levels escalate. You wonder what could save your soul from sheer embarrassment the next day. Check your recycle bin and if the stars are in your favor you may recover your file. But what if you pressed shift delete and have permanently lost your file? Solution? We have one. Recuva Software. Learn how to delete Recuva Software for Windows 10 below.

Recuva software is the greatest lifesaver when it comes to saving and retrieving the files that have been permanently deleted by accident. It is a very user-friendly, and quick software that helps you save time and complete the task at hand in a faster and more productive manner.

Download of Recuva Software for Windows 10:

Recuva Software for Windows 10

All you need to do in order to download and install this brilliant Recuva software is to visit the official website. This would lead you to a page where the software starts downloading. This takes a very calculated amount of time and does not require much effort to be put in by the user. Once downloaded, the user needs to double click on the ‘exe’ and start the installation process. Post that, a window pops up after which the user needs to click on the ‘next’ button. Once clicked on, windows provide the user with a vast number of options preferred by the user to be installed. After selection of the needful, click ‘install’.

Once the installation process is complete, click on the ‘finish button’ and behold! You are now a step closer to retrieving your permanently deleted file via this lifesaving software. Steps to recover the deleted files through Recuva software: After the installation of the software, a shortcut is created on the desktop which needs to be clicked on.

After this, the Recuva wizard opens up and the user needs to click on ‘next’. The next step involves the user to choose from the kind of files that the user wants to recover. These may range from a music file to pictures, videos, and emails. If the user wants to recover the videos, the user must click on ‘Video’ option. In case the user wants to recover all files, he may click on ‘All Files’. The next step asks the user to choose a location where the deleted file will be restored.

If the deleted file was stored in a pen drive or an external hard disk or a CD, the user needs to connect the external device and select the apt options. Once the location is chosen where the deleted file had been permanently deleted from, the user clicks on the next button and then click on the ‘Start’ option to start the retrieval of all files. The users deleted files will then flash on the screen like magic.

Features of Recuva Software for Windows 10:

  • There may be a few colored dots that appear beside the files.
  • They each indicate a certain point. The red dots signify that the file may not be 100% retrieved.
  • The yellow dots signify that there might be a 50% chance of recovering the deleted file.
  • While the green dot is your road to success as it suggests that the file that was permanently deleted can now be fully this, click on the ‘recover’ button to heave a sigh of relief as you witness all your deleted files reappear on your device.

Hope this Recuva Software for Windows 10 article was helpful. Feel free to comment below if you have any issue.

Recuva Software for Windows 10 to Recover the Shift + Delete Files!!
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