UC Browser for PC Windows (10/8.1/7) Laptop & Mac Free Download 32 64 Bit Latest

UC Browser is the popularly used mobile browser and people across the world are using it greatly owing to its amazing features. It is not emerging to be the popular internet browsers. Due to its popularity, the developers have now launched the PC version of the browser which you can download without the intervention of third party software on your Windows PC. So, enjoy the fastest browsing with UC Browser for PC download.

After the advent of PC version of UC Browser, people are eager to know the methods to download the UC Browser for PC application on their Windows PC. PC users can now easily download the UC browser directly on their PC without the intervention of third party software. UC Browser is the popular internet browser that requires no introduction. It is globally used internet browser which was first launched for mobile devices. But, after the popularity and demands of PC users, the developers of the browser have also launched the PC version of the internet browser.

How to Download the UC Browser on Your Desktop Computers?

how to download UC Browser for PC

This internet browser has some of the unique features which you can’t imagine with other internet browsers. The internet browser is fast, secure and improves downloading of files and data online and makes your browsing experience faster and smoother. If you like using the internet browser on your Smartphone, then it is the time to take the experience to your PC with UC Browser for PC downloads.

Well, the developers have only launched the Windows version of the browser till now. There is no UC browser version available for Mac PC. Having this great internet browser on your PC is like accessing the whole new world of internet browsing with amazing and advanced browsing features which you would not find elsewhere with other browsers on your PC. The browser has an add-on called UC Cricket which allows the users to view live sports events and the live score of the game without having to browse any site. It also has the UV News Add-on which enables the users to read the latest news without having to browse the news portals online. Many new features are integrated into the browser which you can enjoy by downloading the UC Browser for PC.

Let’s Discuss the Features of UC Browser:

  • Ads Free Experience – If you browse the internet very frequently and open too many online sites on your browser, what you will find at the end of the browsing is ads and ads everywhere. These ads not just only hinder you from browsing a site, but also make your overall experience awful. These ads prevent you from viewing the sites which you wish to enter until the video of the ad is complete. So, you can overcome such issues easily by downloading UC Browser for PC on your Windows laptop or PC. It offers your ads free browsing and allows you to surf the internet and any site without interruption of commercial ads.
  • Secured and Fastest Browsing – When compared to another browser on your PC, UC browser offers much speed browsing experience. It consumes very low data to download and upload the files and this helps you to browse any site faster even with slow internet connection. The browser also offers advanced security features which prevent the virus attacks and malware from entering your system.
  • Live Sports Score – This is an add-on which is integrated into the browser by the developers to allow the users to view the live score of any game and read the live commentary and get updates about next events and more.
  • Video Functioning – Alike the UC Browser in Smartphone, the UC Browser for PC also lets you stream videos directly from the browser itself as it is equipped with the built-in flash player.
  • Screen Shot Tools – The browser has a unique feature which is screen shot tool that is very crucial for regular internet users. This tool allows the users to take a screenshot of any web page of their choice without using the Print Screen button on the keyboard. No other web browser on PC has such feature, but with UC Browser you can enjoy this feature and take a screenshot of any webpage that you are viewing with ease.
  • Download Manager – The browser also has the feature to manage all downloads. When you are downloading any file or content online using the browser you can easily manage the download by pausing and resuming the download which you will not find with other PC browsers like Mozilla and Chrome.
  • Incognito Window – Internet users who want to browse any private website on their PC can make use of this feature. If you are using your internet banking to make an online transaction then you may simply switch the browser to Incognito mode so that you can get safe and secure browsing platform where you can use your confidential details safely. This method is also useful when you browse your social accounts on public or friend computer.
  • Wallpapers and Themes – UC Browser for PC also comes with the largest collection of wallpapers and themes. But, you can also install your own themes and wallpapers which you can use to change the built-in theme and wallpapers of the browser.


Know How to Download UC Browser for PC on Windows 7 and Above?

UC Browser for PC will provide you with all the utilities that you will find the mobile version of the browser. It will give you the authorization to reloads images, sync with cloud server for any downloads, facility to bookmarking and more. It is the fastest web browser today which every Windows PC must have for safe, faster and improved browsing experience. If you are using PC with OS Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 then you can easily download and install the browser on your PC for fastest browsing experience.

Remember, you need to download the .exe file on your PC and install the browser without having to use any Android emulator. Owing to this fact many PC users are now downloading this browser as there are no requirements for downloading it on PC.

Tutorial for Downloading UC Browser for PC:

UC Browser for PC

  • You are required to go to the official website of UC Browser to get the .exe file on your PC. You need to visit the site http://www.ucweb.com/desktop/ and scroll down to the download button to start the downloading of the .exe file on your PC. Click “Download” button and wait till the .exe file is downloaded on your PC.
  • Once the downloading is completed you need to go back to the desktop and right click on the downloaded .exe file
  • Now click on “Run” as administrator and double click on the mouse to run the installation process on your PC
  • Once the installation process is started you have to wait for few minutes until the installation is over. Grant permission wherever asked to successfully complete the installation process.
  • You are done with the installation and now you can launch the UC Browser for PC to start safe and fastest browsing.


These are the complete details for downloading and installing UC Browser for PC and enjoy the fastest browsing safely. Remember, the UC Browser is only compatible with Windows PC and hence users of Windows PC and Laptops can only download the browser on their PC successfully. There is no requirement for any third party software or Android emulator to download the browser on your PC. You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps to download the browser successfully on your Windows PC and enjoy safe and fastest browsing on your PC. Since it has many amazing features and tools, it is likely to enhance your overall browsing experience and take it to another level.

UC Browser for PC Windows (10/8.1/7) Laptop & Mac Free Download 32 64 Bit Latest
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