WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest V5.90 Download For Android OS 2017 Free

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in recent times. Almost everyone who owns an android phone or an iPhone has WhatsApp installed in it. It is one of the most convenient apps used by everyone replacing the SMS system. Nowadays WhatsApp is used for various purposes, people make groups on it on a personal and professional level, share data, use video calling or make calls through it. Check steps to download WhatsApp Plus Apk on Android below.

Today we will be talking more about WhatsApp Plus Apk which is a similar version of WhatsApp but it is still not the considered as the official app for the phones. It does come with various improved features where you can download interesting backgrounds for chats and share it with your friends and much more. Follow the steps as mentioned below to know more about it and on how to install it.


WhatsApp Plus Apk Features:

Here we can list out the various features WhatsApp Plus have which makes it a cooler app than the original. You can check it out and can then download the app to experience all the best features it has to offer and we will also compare it with the original to understand what best changes it has.

  1. In original app, you can send the pictures where the file size is reduced and the picture quality goes down, in WhatsApp Plus you can send the original size of the image without losing the picture quality with your friends and colleagues.
  2. You can send ten pictures at a time, a feature not available in the original app.
  3. The older version allowed only 15MB file size of a video that can be sent across the chats, WhatsApp Plus gives you an opportunity to send video files up to 50MB making it convenient for the people on groups who need to share the larger file size.
  4. You can choose the background colors, themes, fonts and much more make it a more personalized choice for you, while the official app does not provide you this feature. There also various paid themes to buy too.
  5. The default icon color is blue, meanwhile, in WhatsApp Plus, you can change the icon color as per your choice.
  6. If you don’t want the other person to know about your the last seen and ticks data then here is an option to hide your last seen info and blue ticks thus maintaining your privacy. Whatsapp-Plus-Apk-for-Android
  7. Now you can customize your status for different people as per your choice, for example, If you want to put a certain status for your family or a different status for your friends, or even to a special someone without anyone else knowing about it, now you can do this with WhatsApp Plus.
  8. You can have a backup for your chats and history, if in case you need to install WhatsApp again or planning to update it then you don’t need to follow up with the registration process and the backup will be automatically uploaded on the updated version.
  9. You can choose to be online throughout day and night but the battery consumption will be high.
  10. If you are the one who likes putting up longer messages and status then here is the good news for you, the status limit is now up to 255 characters.
  11. It also works in Android Marshmallow and all the previous Android versions while the regular WhatsApp does not work on Marshmallow, It only worked on Android KitKat or Jelly Bean.
  12. You can see the status of your friends while chatting with them on the same screen.
  13. If you don’t want the WhatsApp call on your phone and find it very distracting, then you can choose to disable to voice calling option in the WhatsApp Plus Apk.
  14. Also, the video calling is added in it and the video quality is quite good.
  15. Experimenting with the sound is a fun thing now you have the option to change the notification sound as per your choice in WhatsApp Plus.
  16. If you have heavy files to share, then on WhatsApp Plus you can share heavy files, like PDF, TXT, and many others, It is highly convenient and faster to transfer the file.

Steps to Download WhatsApp Plus APK on Android Phone:

Here we will be discussing as to how to install the WhatsApp Plus on your android phone. Before you plan to install WhatsApp Plus, It is good to uninstall the older version and don’t forget to save the previous chats and history. The process to do the same is given below:

  1. Before installing it, go to the settings on your device to activate to install their party app. Settings>Security>Unknown Source, check this to enable the installation.
  2. Next, go to the official WhatsApp version, go to Settings>Chats>Backup and save the backup of all your chats and history.
  3. Now uninstall it by going into Settings>Apps>WhatsApp Plus>Uninstall
  4. Click the link here to download the WhatsApp APK.
  5. Once you click it, it will download it on your phone.Download WhatsApp Plus APK
  6. Further ahead, install the setup on your phone.
  7. Once the installation is complete, open the app, check for its terms and conditions and enter your mobile number.
  8. After this, It will send an OTP for the confirmation. The OTP will be automatically confirmed within few seconds.
  9. Complete the set up by mentioning your name and other info in it.
  10. Now WhatsApp Plus Apk is good to go.


The best part of WhatsApp Plus is that it lets you play with various features it has, from colors, texts, sounds and much more making it more personalized for everyone. You can chat and have fun with it too. Some people may get errors while installing the app or it may not function properly, It is advisable to first uninstall the previous version if it is not updating correctly and then proceed further. Just comment below if you have any doubt.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest V5.90 Download For Android OS 2017 Free
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