WiFiKill Apk V2.3.4 [Latest] Download for All Android Devices Free!!

Wifikill App is one of the most advanced and developed apps present in the smart-phone market. This app has the ability to disable other wifi connection connected in the same network. This app is actually meant for hacking purposes you can easily become a hacker with the help of this app. Many users are using this app very extensively to hack other networks. This app is designed in such a way that it can easily. Check steps to download WifiKill Apk on Android Device below.

But due to some reasons, this app does not support in some of the Android devices so to resolve this problem the system came up with an APK version which will help you to use this app on all devices. So today in this article I am going to show you how you can use this WifiKill APK version of this app in your device.

How to Download WiFiKill Apk For Android Device?

WiFiKill Apk

1.To download the app, you need to go to your phones setting and enable the option download from an unknown source so that your device can be downloaded the app on your device.

2.After this procedure goes to the Official Site of wifi kill to download the file once you are on the home page click on the APK download to start downloading.

3.Once the downloading procedure end, the installation process will start automatically. After the completion of the installation process, the app will appear on your home screen.

4.Click on the app to start using.

These were some of the steps to get the app on your device now let’s discuss some of the features and steps how to use this app.

How to Use this WiFiKill Apk on Android Device?

To use this app

1. First, you need to open your wifi once you open the wifi the next will be

2. Opening the app will display a play button press that button.

3. Pressing the play button will activate the app, and it will automatically start searching for devices connected with wifi network

4. Click on the option grant to allow superuser permission to promote.

5. pressing grant option will allow the app to scan for the devices which are connected to the hotspot. This app has the facility to show all the network names which are connected to the hotspot.

6. So if you want to disable the internet connection of any network you simply need to slide the kill button to disable the desired device you want to disable the connection.

7. Clicking once will immediately disable the device from the network.

8. You can even disable all the device at once by simply grabbing all the devices and killing it, or you can do it one by one.

9. After this procedure, you can easily switch off the kill button to regain the internet connectivity.

These were few of the steps to use this app now let’s discuss some of the main features of this app

WifiKill Apk Features for Android Devices:


1. Shows Traffic:

This app shows the traffic which is been consumed by this device on the home screen which helps you to know the overall usage of the device on a daily basis.

2. Grab and Blog Traffic:

This app helps you to show the trafficking in the network and helps you to give control over the network. You can even stop the network which you desire off. This app easily shows the sites which are visited by the grabbed devices.

3. Shows Network Names:

This app shows the network names which is connected to the wifi on your home screen which helps you give an overall control over the devices networks.

4. Disconnecting Internet Connection:

This app has the capability to disconnecting all the devices which are connected to the wifi network. You can even disconnect devices by selecting them Which helps you to give an overall control over the wireless network.

5. Compatible App:

This device is compatible In both mobile and tablet which increases the ability to use this app more. Both these devices easily support this app and work smoothly.

Here are some of the feature of this app which will help you in using and downloading this app. So if you are planning to use this app, please take a glance on the above-mentioned points it will help you to know about this app more.

WiFiKill Apk V2.3.4 [Latest] Download for All Android Devices Free!!
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