XModGames APK Download Latest Version for Android & iOS Free

Games are one form of entertainment that relaxes and sharpen our minds. It is a great way to kill some time and have fun. Mobile gaming is trending nowadays. There are many mobile gaming assistant tools present in the market to enhance our gaming experience. And, XMODGames Apk is one of them and is best. XMODGames is a mobile gaming hacking tool with various mods for jailbroken iOS devices and rooted Android devices. It also provides accelerators/mods for some cool games.

It discovers all installed games from our device and confirms it there’s any assistance(up gradation from the original version) available for that game or not. If it is available then our game will get altered and upgraded from the original version; If not then no alternation is performed. It is much easier to install mods and launch the game. For COC loving persons, it is an amazing tool with auto search, keep active, sandbox attack and much more. This app is available for both iOS and Android. Thus it helps us to easily hack score of many games easily even if we were having an issue to hack game score by using other tools because xmod provides us the easiest method for hacking and alter the original version.

Now the Question is What is MOD in Gaming?

XModGames Apk

The term mod comes from the act of modifying a game literally by hacking it. A mod or modification is a kind of change of contents from a video game in order to make it run in another manner from its original version. Mods can be created for any category of the game but are especially popular in first – person shooters, role – playing games and real – time strategy games.

Games Supported by XMOD Apk and Its Features:

  1. Clash of Clans – in it XMOD assists to search loot, real-time traps, and sandbox attack.
  2. Clash Royale – in it, it shows rival’s Elixir (with this we can see real time elixir of our rivals and helps us to plan attack time more accurately and intelligently).
  3. Minecraft PE – in it TMI, add items, adding on mobs, teleportation, and smart backup management.
  4. Clash of Kings – In it XMOD helps to collect resources automatically.
  5. Agar.io – in it, random skins are provided.
  6. 8 Ball pool – in it, we can skip Free building.
  7. Subway Surfer – In it score multiplier gets activated.
  8. Criminal Case – in it unlimited coins are provided to us.

Other features – It enhances social interactions in games, it has built – in screen capture facility and smooth HD record forums, and chat room for discussion and sharing live gaming experience.

List of Supported Devices:

  1. Android by Google – from Android 2.3 to Android marshmallow
  2. IOS by Apple – all the iOS versions having their jailbreak done or having jailbreak support.

Downloading Xmodgames Apk in the Android Platform:

We have to download it from Google Play Store and start using it. Or, download it from the internet and turn on “installation from unknown sources” then we are able to use it.

How to Install XMODGames Apk?

Step 1 – Download XMODGames apk from the internet and then install it on your device.

Step2 – Launch the XMOD app and a screen appears like given below

Step 3 – all games that can be modded appears in the list of the application. Now, we have to select and launch the game through the application which we want to play.

Step 4 – then select Install Mod button from “mod” page for installation of Xmod for the selected Game. It takes around 5 minutes for the installation process.

Step 5 – now we can launch the game. Now we can observe a small robot on our screen which indicates that Xmod is installed successfully and in some versions of xmod it shows X logo on the game play screen.

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Steps to Download Xmodgames on iOS Without Jailbreak Using .deb File:

  • First, You need to Download iFunbox on Windows or Mac
  • After successful downloading, Install iFunbox
  • You need to Download the XmodGames .deb file from trusted site
  • You have to connect your any iOS Device like iPhone/iPad using USB cable
  • Next, Open the Installed iFunbox From your windows or Mac OS Computer
  • Go to your iOS device on iFunbox
  • Check Justify Menu of iFunbox, There is a Cydia App Install Option
  • Go to Cydia App Install
  • Already you have downloaded .deb file so copy this file
  • Now reboot or restart your iDevice.
  • You have successfully installed deb file on your iOS device

How to Use Accelerator in XMODGames Apk?

Step 1 – launch XMOD games app and select “More” and then turn the accelerator “On”.

Step2 – now we have to launch the game through XMOD games app.

Step 3 – now we have to tap on floating window (Xbot) and we can see “Accelerator” button.

Step4 – now we have to tap on accelerator button and then we are able to see the values.

NOTE Accelerator will not run on server – side games such as Clash of Clans (COC), Boom Beach etc.

Key Features of XMODGames Apk:

  • It always comes with a large number of mods available for different games. These mods make gameplay much easier to play and helps us to unlock different objects. It varies mod to mod on how a particular mod affects a game.
  • The interface of Xmod is very user-friendly and navigation throughout the app is also very easy.
  • It has an amazing feature called accelerator which accelerates or improves the performance of a game its mod is available.
  • It is regularly updated by newly launched mods for new games. So the excitement never goes off.


So, this is a tutorial on how to download and install XmodGames on Android and iOS device. I hope you have learned more on this Apk if you have any doubt regarding on this article don’t hesitate to ask on below comment section.

XModGames APK Download Latest Version for Android & iOS Free
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